Our vision

Our vision

Our team of experts (airline pilots, instructors, examiners, senior post-holders, medical doctors, psychiatrist, offshore oil engineer, union members) is specialized and active in the sectors of flight operations, simulator training, medicine and offshore oil industry.

All have been specifically trained in the domain of Human Factors. Part of them are also qualified to collect, analyse, validate and store data. Strict confidentiality of this process is guaranteed at all times by thinkTEM™.

They all are or have been working for major airlines, civil aviation authorities, public and private hospitals, governmental as well as non-governmental organisations and oil companies (onshore/offshore).

Each individual’s experience ranges from 5 to 30+ years in its field of expertise.

The team’s priority is to constantly improve the operational safety margins in aviation, medicine and offshore oil industry. It is dedicated to offering the highest levels of quality, integrity and customer service and to making thinkTEM™ the leader in Normal/Line Operations Safety Audit (NOSA/LOSA) and Threat and Error Management (T.E.M.) training, implementation and benchmarking.

Although Threat and Error Management found its roots in aviation CRM, thinkTEM™ believes that collecting, analyzing and crosschecking data from all concerned industries significantly improves and broadens its database content thus making thinkTEM™ training processes continuously stronger and more efficient.

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